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Jun 27, 2016

Syria: reality denial: limits to deny genocide psy-ops: White Helmets and Aleppo street view

Syria: reality denial: limits to deny genocide psy-ops: White Helmets and Aleppo street view
Introduction - added Dec 13, 2016
Aleppo 2012 -Dec 2016 -  Aleppo streets increasingly fading under the rubble while the genocide was carried out primarly with air bombings, all documented by the victims with videos posted to youtube.
Dec 5, 2016  - Aleppo holocaust enters the final stage: no more real time street view updates by the victims as mass executions on the spot become the #1 method to carry out the genocide.
Dec 13 - "Liberated" East Aleppo, the 7th consecutive day for a new record of mass executions in broad daylight.
Illuminati use the Russian ambassador to UN to prove once again that there are nearly no limits to the denial of the previous #1 method: Churkin on Aleppo: 
"Young kids are being covered in dust in order to be presented as victims of bombings."
### Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Jun 2016, extended in Oct.
Syria: reality denial: limits to deny genocide psy-ops: White Helmets and Aleppo street view
In a world populated by beasts, are there any limits to how far can the Beast go?
One of those limits has "coincidentally" the same name as one of the milestones offered by Google for end times computers: street view.
Syria: Graphic reality of genocide by air bombings reduced to two words: street view.
In other words: the totally destroyed environment where the White Helmets work.
Video "Syria : White Helmets ... EXPOSED!" is 1 hour and 12 minutes long.
After reading the text below you'll know why it has no views whatsoever of said syrian streets.
Note: thanks to Youtube's preview bar you'll only need to move the cursor along the preview bar for about 20 seconds to confirm it.
Rewriting the work of the White Helmets
One of the chapters advancing the denial of the ongoing genocide in Syria: applying "black is white" to the first responders to victims of war crimes.
Several types of psy-ops advance this agenda, using actors dressed as White Helmets.
The cast also includes fake rebels, from "journalists" to "rebel leaders".
Side note: the mission of these agents, other than to appear in psy-ops to discredit the real rebels: also to ambush and murder rebel commanders.
Oct 7, 2015
End Times: Repainting Syria's White Helmets or again the limit to what lengths denial of reality can be pushed
The two basic categories, "coincidentally" illustrated by "journalist Vanessa Beeley" and in the same day.
The two basic categories 
1. White Helmets served as terrorists
- include censoring images of airplanes and helicopters dropping bombs 
- do not include censoring the street view.
2. White Helmets served as faking rescues 
Requirements also include censoring the street view.
White Helmets served as executioners: what "journalist Vanessa Beeley" "coincidentally" also illustrates
'Syria White Helmets: Humanitarians or "Executioners"?' pushes the first presentation ("White Helmets as terrorists") to the utter limits, the perfect "black is white".
Theoretically this category doesn't imply that environment images must be totally censored, yet the praxis reveals a B-type ("rescues are faked"): no street view.
video is 1 hour 12 minutes.
Jun 24, 2016 - Syria : White Helmets ... EXPOSED!
"Journalist Vanessa Beeley" at work:
Oct 7, 2016 - White Helmets, served as terrorists, photo shows bombed environment:
'Massive evidence foreign-funded White Helmets support terrorist entities in Syria'
With Syria’s White Helmets having been in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2016, grabbing headlines as ‘Heroes of Peace’, with the media and politicians  endorsing them, RT spoke with Vanessa Beeley, independent researcher and journalist.
Beeley discussed whether The White Helmets are indeed "independent, impartial and unsullied by Western cash".
Oct 7, 2016 - 7 Oct, 2016 - White Helmets, served also as faking rescues - No image whatsoever of bombed environment.
The White Helmets: a heartfelt humanitarian NGO or an elaborate and cynical western PR stunt promoting illegal regime change in Syria? 
Does the wearing of white helmets mean they are the good guys supporting a just cause? 
CrossTalking with Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, and Patrick Henningsen.
May 20, 2016
Actors dressed as White Helmets playing executioners.
Examples of fake rebels in the cast: "journalist Abu Omar Al-Souri" (17:00), "saudi backed cleric, spiritual leader Dr Abdullah al-Muhaysini" (19:00).
Syria White Helmets: Humanitarians or "Executioners"?
In this UK Column News special, Mike Robinson speaks to Vanessa Beeley about Syria's "first responder" group, the White Helmets who are being pushed forward for nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. Do they deserve it?
Dec 13, 2016 -  Russian ambassador to UN: Young kids are being covered in dust in order to be presented as victims of bombings:
Events served by illuminati media:
Gaza: from the only destroyed blocks, an area where 1% of the 2 million used to live
Aleppo: never from destroyed blocks, an area where in 2011 80% lived.
Sep 30, 2016 - Gaza Aleppo: perfect link: lady served by Alexander Adolf Hitler's own YT channel

Aleppo: Armageddon's battle of Stalingrad: why Obama's staged arrest postponed [and fake coup in Turkey preponed]: VIDEOS
Illuminati puppet governments: Russia; USA; EU; Iran; Ukraine; North Korea - Typology
10 Basic Facts about the Mark of the Beast

Feb 19, 2016

Haiti vs Uganda and both vs US rigged elections - each time ONE basic difference

Haiti vs Uganda and both vs US elections - each time ONE basic difference
Make sure you read basic fact #2 about human cattle (see BASICS section) after reading what follows.

Haiti vs Uganda "elections":
Similar numbers; Illuminati puppets get in reality less than 5% (uganda) and 2% (Haiti) of the votes.
Same scene: Shock police firing on protesters,
Only difference: neo-Gestapo are officially foreigners dressed as "UN peacekeepers".
So ...

Election farce in the IV Reich:
Is Haiti or Uganda more pathetic than US or the UK? NO.
Elections in Haiti organized direclty by illuminati (Bill Clinton and UN peacekeepers ) and in Uganda indirectly (puppet government).
Yet "elections" in Uganda and Haiti pale in comparison with what's going on in Greece and even more in Portugal and the UK, the ultimate example being the US.. 
Why? Because, to start with, there's no protests not to mention the need to shoot at people protesting the rigged elections.
The US is the ultimate example because the numbers of not only the winners but also of the losers are similar to the winners in Haiti and Uganda.

Uganda "election"
September 4, 2015 Uganda at 'crossroads', opposition leader warns
Besigye said he also feared that Uganda's role in regional wars -- playing a key part of supplying troops to the internationally-backed African Union force in Somalia, as well as deploying forces to prop up the government in South Sudan -- meant Museveni was above international criticism.
"They've taken advantage of having a huge military security outfit, which they have found handy in dealing with certain regional hotspots," he said.
"Museveni benefits from that relationship, and the foreign countries benefit from him, each one knowing that in so doing the people of Uganda are not benefiting."
But Besigye does have some grass-roots support, despite the risk demonstrators face.
After losing in 2011, he led repeated anti-government protests, at which he was regularly arrested and held for hours before being released while his supporters were also chased, tear-gassed, beaten and arrested.
Feb 19. 2016 - Besigye, who was arrested during campaigning on Monday and again on Thursday evening, was taken into custody for a third time on Friday.
Police surrounded Besigye's Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) headquarters, firing tear gas and water cannon, before bursting inside and arresting top party officials.
"Some reasonable measures have been applied to rein in FDC supporters who wanted to disturb the peace and the ongoing exercise," said senior police officer Felix Andrew Kaweesi.
He accused Besigye's FDC of planning to publish its own tally of results, contravening electoral law.

Uganda Kill the Gays bill for dummies - Global manhunt for christians
Agenda "set stage for manhunt for christians other than in countries ruled by puppets playing islamists".
- from fake shootings at abortion clinic 2015  using as "shooter" an actor previously casted as "member of a biker gang at the Waco shooting" in the USA 
- to psy-op "Christian Uganda persecuting gays".
See introduction added 2015 to:
Genocide of christians already ongoing in countries ruled by illuminazi puppets playing islamists, from Pakistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabiia to Niger and Mali.

Suicide bomber Trump paves the way for terminator Clinton (original script illuminati had to modify: turning to Hitlery beats Jeb in head to head race after Trump exits race in disgrace).
For the only real polls confirming what you can with your eyes see Youtube views and likes not FaCIAbook computer generated likes

Basic facts about human cattle - self explains why reading it won't have you weep about yourself
Last updated Feb 2016 with recent examples.
#2 - Refusal to acccept that their government is already applying to them some of what they (or entities which their government is part of) are doing to others now. 
Example: Jan 2016 - There's no difference between the UN organized "election" farce in Haiti and for example the Central African Republic.
But in the case of Haiti, 600 miles from Miami, it became impossible for illuminati media not to broadcast some footage unveiling what's going on: 
- about everyone protesting the "elections" farce staged by the UN under the protection of its "peacekeepers"
Yet human cattle refuses to admit that even Haiti's "elections" organized by the "serious" UN pale in comparison with the US "election", organized by the "serious" US institutions: 
- McCain and Romney had around 5 not 5 million votes in 2008 and 2012;
- Obama had 30 not 60 million votes in 2012; and the climax is about to be reached, with Hillary Clinton declared first woman president although 98% of the voters can't stand anything Clinton or Bush.

Jan 27, 2015

How almost all slavs became slaves: 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Mocking the human cattle with the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz 
- having Hiter's younger daughter Angela as master of ceremonies.
- having this time Poland's government in the role of rewriting History: not the russians but the ukrainians liberated Auschwitz.
- replacing the guests of honor in the black is white format: not the liberators, the russians, but the grandson of the camp commandant who was held responsible for 1.1 million deaths there, Rudolf Hoess.
In the words of someone who doesn't know what illuminati jokes are: "It's a shame, like if in D-Day Normandy ceremonies were invited all but American, Canadian or British".

Illuminati religion's commandment of revenge
Poster writes:
"This demonization of Russians and their leadership is very much alike demonization of Serbs.
It is interesting to note that Serbs and Russians now.. biggest victims of Nazism next to Jews have been accused of being Nazi themselves.
In psychology this propaganda phenomenon is called projection.

Last Prophet Matt replies:
Wrong. It's called revenge.
And what better revenge than to have the very same slavs who Hitler classified as untermensch, destined to be either exterminated or to be expelled from the European continent, be the FIRST to proclaim an openly nazi state after the fall of the III Reich?

Almost all slavs accepted the Mark of the Beast, thus becoming slaves
Slavs are financing the terror war waged against civilians in Ukraine, because since they became slaves their national assets are transferred to illuminati safes.
In fact most of these assets are now coming from Russia, starting with oil and gas "sold" by "Putin" below the production costs.
But they are also financing it in plain sight: military equipement for Ukraine nazis transported across slavic eastern Europe, in plain sight.

Poland-Russia row sours Auschwitz commemoration
Polish Foreign minister credited the Ukrainians for liberating Auschwitz, rather than the Soviet Union's Red Army.

Wall Street Journal: When Auschwitz commemorates the 70th anniversary of its liberation on Jan. 27, the ceremonies will include an unlikely attendee ...

Lugansk, just a few miles from the russian border, a half a million city populated almost only with russians,
July 2014: Overview of the city after Shelling - possible because of traitor "Putin".
Half a year later the nazis still didn't manage to take the city, although almost all women, children and elderly were forced to flee.
Because these are among the last people who refused the Mark of the Beast.
A different story across the border, where russians allowed "Putin" to play "innocent bystander" for these crimes against ethnic russians.
They are now paying for having accepted the Mark: "Putin" is transferring russian assets to illiuminati safes at an extreme pace using the "sanctions" as cover-up.
In other words: "Putin" is dragging Russia into a black hole, before the Kiev's Yanukovich script is repeated.
In other words: before actor playing Putin flees to China and is replaced by openly nazi Navalny:

Czech Republic, Ostrava, the T-72 will ship in Ukrainian aircraft to kill civilians in Donbass.

13th Jan—Transporters carrying military equipt. for Ukraine in Bulgaria

The "two Ukraines" for dummies: from Lenin to fake Putin: Agendas
The "real Ukraine" was casted to set several milestones
Hitler proclaimed most slavs as "unfit for Germanization" and thus "to be expelled from the areas marked out for German settlement".
Some of them, in the Ukraine, are now casted multiple times as "first ones after the fall of the III Reich to ..." milestones:
- european government calling subhumans to (millions of) its own citizens, the "moskals"
- military forces wearing nazi symbology
- progroms in Europe, more precisely against other slavs.

Hitler wanted to turn all SLAVS into SLAVES, including the Ukrainians

The Nazis maintained that for example the Northern Russians had Nordic traits such as light hair and light eye color and were racially fit to be a part of the master race.
The Nazis also considered some percentages of young Slavs like Poles, Czechs, Ukrainians, and Belarusians to be the sufficient subjects for Germanisation.
However, it was believed that for instance the Polish people were too patriotic and would ultimately resist Germanisation, what resulted in the Generalplan Ost, according to which all of the Slavs from East-Central Europe were destined to be expelled from the European continent by the Third Reich.
Nevertheless, the Nazi Germans eventually decided to exterminate the Poles, so as the vast majority of the Slavic people who, along with the jewish people and Gypsies, were defined as Untermenschen, dangerous for the Germanic peoples representing the master race.

Under Generalplan Ost, all Slavs unfit for Germanization were to be expelled from the areas marked out for German settlement.
In considering the fate of the individual nations, the architects of the Plan decided that it would be possible to Germanize about 50 per cent of the Czechs, 35 per cent of the Ukrainians and 25 per cent of the Byelorussians.
The remainder would have to be deported to western Siberia.

To get the theater "HOLOCAUST memoir author was a LIAR and is ordered to repay £13.3 million!" or
To get how the illuminati censored the Truth as it took place, start by how they do it NOW.
To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz concentration camps and Holocaust: Guido Knopp milestone series from 2000 NEVER again broadcasted and beyond

Rewriting History by "Putin" and german state TV using Ukraine's prime minister ...
... weeks before the celebration of Auschwitz 70 years later:
All these acts have one and the same script writer: Alexander Adolf Hitler, Hitler's great nephew and Illuminati Grand Master since 1992.
"Putin" and at least 192 of the heads of UN states do nothing but to execute his orders.

Unlike Donbass people, almost everyone else in Europe accepted the Mark of the Beast.
Last Prophet's words: "coincidentally" #1 and #2 of the MOST important google search any person can do:
"Coincidentally" one is not only one of the two most important pages written in the short story of the web but also the most horrible page ever written.

Apr 2, 2009

10 Basic Facts about the Mark of the Beast

Poster replies to Prophet's explanation of difference between slaves in the US now and slaves before Abraham Lincoln: (1)
Why would a beast need to take the mark of the beast? They are already marked.
You propagate the same message as Illuminati's wikipedia, which "informs" the "human cattle" that "A beast is a somewhat antiquated term for an animal, especially a four-legged mammal." (2)

One of the foundations of the "Rewrite History" agenda, mentioned in the article I posted (see page 1), is to rewrite the meaning of words.
One of those words is "Beast".
In German language the word "Beast" it is actually one of the ultimate examples of how far that agenda can be advanced, as most Bibles now translate it as "Identification of the Animal".
So let me remind you of the basics:

10 Basic Facts about the Mark of the Beast

1. Beast as used in the context of "Mark of the Beast" of the Bible does NOT mean animal. It means monster.

2. God did not allow the Beast to reach the point where it is possible to let the mask completely fall until the Tribulation begun, in the last leg of Illuminati End Times.

3. To accept or not to accept the Mark of the Beast is a decision that EVERYBODY who is part of the last generation MUST face, except for innocent children.

4. The last generation is defined by those who were confronted with the decision of accepting the Mark. This means that some of them are already dead.

5. Accepting the Mark of the Beast is most horrible thing that can happen to a human being because it is the ONLY moment in the life of a human being where HOPE to be saved ceases to exist.

6. To accept the Mark of the Beast in your forehead and in your right hand means, by thoughts and deeds, to accept total obedience to total evil.

7. Accepting the mark means that free will ceases to exist, as a consequence of any of the two previous equivalent facts: to accept to give up the very last chance of seeking the Savior or to accept to follow every illuminati edict until the final descent.

8. As a result of one of the basic facts about God, those who accepted the mark are reduced to a subtype of animals, those which can be fattened as cattle.

9. To carry the mark means to be part of the only group of human cattle that has ever existed. There is ONLY ONE MARK because they are all part of the same ranch, so there is no need for any other marks, unlike the case of non-human cattle.

10. The acceptance of the Mark by almost everyone explains the ultimate paradox of End Times: Final Judgment Day for everyone before the last generation; yet hardly for anyone among those living in Illuminatziland, because they were already sentenced the day they accepted to carry the Mark of the Beast.

(2) Rewriting the Beast word in Wikipedia - ultimate example of rewriting History in the "Information Highway", totally exposed step by step

See basic fact #7: God created only one of those forms with Free Will. - The other 9 basic facts about God:

Humans reduced to Beasts - nothing escapes the Laws of End Times


Aug 22, 2008

Beast Word Revision history by the Beast

Beast Word - Revision history by the Beast, using neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels, exposed step by step

Difference between Gestapo and neo-Gestapo suppressing protests in the streets
The main difference between Gestapo and neo-Gestapo, for suppressing protests in the streets, is to replace mass usage of the "Knock on your door at 4 A.M." and "You don't want to share the same fate as the jewish family that used to live next door, do you?" techniques with the use of the "vandals" (police dressed as "Black Block" "protesters") technique. Just like in the case of Hitler, the new technique is also primarly of type preemptive, as far as how the message is delivered to the main audience.

Resuscitate Hitler Agenda, Mark of the Beast, Empty Shelves
The first reason why the "Resuscitate Hitler" Agenda has been so important, especiallly after 2004: after almost all formally accepted the Mark of the Beast, late 2004, there are hardly any limits to how fast can the "Rewrite History" agenda be advanced.
Another reason is that now, almost at the end of illuminati overtime, which ends the latest with the "empty shelves" stage, the "Suppress Protest" agenda becomes crucial again. Reminder: there is only one moment when those who accepted the mark will react. When they are confronted with empty shelves.

The Perfect Example
Detailing the three steps used to upscale by one level the "Rewrite the Beast word" process in Wikipedia, while comparing it, for roles, names and actors as well as for each step with how protests in the streets are suppressed: what better way can there be, to illustrate the "Rewrite History" agenda and the difference between how the "Suppress Protest" agenda is implemented in the city main streets compared to those of the "Information Highway"?
Particularly important to document it: Wikipedia's revision history.

Mission: Rewrite Wikipedia page for "Beast"
Start level, the page as of 22 July 2008.
The word "Monster" (one of the meanings of Beast) has already been erased from memory.
Link to the biblical Beast (the antichrist) is already hardly visible, somewhere in the middle of the forest of dozens of other "meanings".
The definition reads: "A beast is an animal, especially a four-legged mammal." (1)
Goal: Explicitly deny link between meaning of word "Beast" and our times (the time of the acceptance of the Beast).
New level will be: "A beast is a somewhat antiquated term for an animal".
Execution will resume to prefix "animal" with "somewhat antiquated term for".
Note that this complies with the illuminati reduction paradigma to pass the perfect message.

Roles required to execute the task: neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels.
Other roles (not mandatory, but usually included, also in this case): vandals.

Names required by those roles, maximally reduced (that is the case here): two. The first is an internet address (for the role of vandals) and the second is a Wikipedia username (for the role of neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels).

Uniforms: the mask of the vandals is an IP address, suggesting to be totally masked; the other roles are associated with a Wikipedia username, suggesting an individual with a particular personality.

Real actors required: all three roles can be played by the same real actor.

Step by step comparison with suppressing protests in the streets
1. "Vandals" destroy property
Streets: Masked demonstrators of the Black Block throw molotov cocktails, break windows, etc. Media "covers" these "protests".
Wikipedia: "Vandal" prefixes the word "Beast" with "or better known as simply, Marques Colston."
Packaging the uniform of the vandal: other than the IP address as perfect package to let people recognize the Black Block vandal in action. The perfect "vandal" is recognizable in the words added to the text. (2)
Avoiding to have to stage the theater of banning the user is just a secondary reason for clothing the "vandal" in the "IP address" uniform.

2. Neo-Gestapo "attacks" the "vandals".
Streets: The terror state police "attacks" the Black Block.
Media "covers" the fake war, to pass the message of terror, while it censors how peaceful protesters are detained and terrorized,
Wikipedia: username Invertzoo deletes "vandalism".
Recognizing the neo-Gestapo uniform: the special police uniform is visible by the justification used: "remove vandalism". (3)

3. Goal achieved
Streets: peaceful demonstrators, terrorized, give up protesting.
Media totally censors the fate of protesters who were detained and terrorized.
Wikipedia: username Invertzoo writes the new "information", which becomes the new source for the "human cattle" using the "information highway". (4)
Recognizing the neo-Nazi uniform: The swastika symbol becomes visible by the fact that nobody will be able to remove the new "information", until the illuminati decide to move to the next level in the rewrite process for that particular "information".
In this case that will happen later by removing the word "somewhat", leading to a definition where any link to today is erased from memory: "A beast is an antiquated term for an animal".

Differences between suppressing protests in the streets and in Wikipedia
- in the street, two names are required, each one represented by diifferent real people, for the neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels roles: "Special Police" and illuminati media. In Wikipedia all this resumes to only one name, the Wikipedia username.
- in the street, the neo-Gestapo and the vandal roles are represented by different real people: "Special Police" as mentioned and the vandals ("Black Block", "autonome", "neo-nazis", etc). In Wikipedia it is the same real person.
- in the street, uniform for all real actors playing neo-Gestapo and "vandals" is of type "completely masked". In Wikipedia this is only the case of the vandal (IP address) but not the censor (username).
- the "vandals" role is only mandatory in the streets.

How does End Times Reductionism apply to all this?
How was it possible to reduce the step by step comparison of two apparently very different processes, the first focused on suppresssion of protest in the city main street and the second focused on rewriting History in the "information highway" main street, to three steps of one process?
Let's answer the same question for six previously identified reductions, which will also help to answer that question.

Reductions in the Wikipedia process:
a) All three roles (vandal, police and rewriting information) in reality played by the same person.
b) Two roles, police and rewriting "information", are officially played by the same Wikipedia username.*
c) Both role, police and rewriting "information", are executed with one and the same edit action, both terminated with one and the same click.
d) The time gap between conclusion of last step (last click by the censor at 23:55) and conclusion of first step (last click by the vandal at 23:51) is reduced to 4 minutes.

Two fundamental End Time Reductions (End Times Computers and Mark of the Beast) make these particular reductions possible:
- End Times Computers allows for reduction a).
- Reduction of required cover-ups reaching the utter limits (one of the reductions caused by the acceptance of the Mark of the Beast ) allows for b), c) and d).

Reductions in both Wikipedia and in the streets:
e)- neo-Gestapo against vandals "war" can be reduced to 0, i.e. "War on vandals to protect citizens from terror" is another fake war, since the "Special Police" and the leaders of the vandals are all part of the same police forces, the backbone of the terror state.
f) - The process of getting the real name for the "War on vandals to protect citizens from terror" can be reduced to INVERTING the label: "War with vandals to terrorize citizens".

Both reductions e) and f) are ruled by another fundamental End Times Reduction, "Inversion of the Words of the Beast", which "coincidentally" became one of the Laws of End Times Reductionism at the same time as the Mark of the Beast was accepted by almost all, once the Beast was able to let the mask totally fall.
That Law states that translating ANY maximally reduced statements coming out from the mouth of the Beast can be reduced to INVERTING the sense.
This means that any illuminati official wars (on Terror, on Drugs, on Child Pornography, on Ilegal Aliens, etc) is not only a fake war, but also, exactly like in the "War on Vandals", to get the real name nothing more is required than to INVERT the label (War of Terror, for Drugs, for Child Pornography, for Open Borders, etc) to get what is really digested by the "human cattle", which is now already inside the slaughterhouse.
The reduction of Hope to 0, the ultimate reduction of Illuminati End Times. Unlike animals imprisoned in a ZOO, the human cattle totally gave up any attempts to escape. Wait a minute: what was again that Wikipedia username?
(1) Start level - 22 July 2008:
"A beast is an animal, especially a four-legged mammal."

(2) After the Black Block protester has thrown the Molotov cockatil ( accessible from start level page by clicking "Newer revision").
as edited by at 23:51, 29 July 2008.
"A beast or better known as simply, Marques Colston. An animal, especially a four-legged mammal."

(3) "Remove vandalism" uniform visible here:

(4) After the actions of the neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels role, executed with one and the same click ( accessible from page produced by the "Black Block protester", by clicking "Newer revision").
as edited by Invertzoo at 23:55, 29 July 2008.
"A beast is a somewhat antiquated term for an animal, especially a four-legged mammal."
Basic Concepts referenced
End Times Computers -- End Times Reductionism -- End Times Protest Suppression -- Mark of the Beast