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Aug 22, 2008

Beast Word Revision history by the Beast

Beast Word - Revision history by the Beast, using neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels, exposed step by step

Difference between Gestapo and neo-Gestapo suppressing protests in the streets
The main difference between Gestapo and neo-Gestapo, for suppressing protests in the streets, is to replace mass usage of the "Knock on your door at 4 A.M." and "You don't want to share the same fate as the jewish family that used to live next door, do you?" techniques with the use of the "vandals" (police dressed as "Black Block" "protesters") technique. Just like in the case of Hitler, the new technique is also primarly of type preemptive, as far as how the message is delivered to the main audience.

Resuscitate Hitler Agenda, Mark of the Beast, Empty Shelves
The first reason why the "Resuscitate Hitler" Agenda has been so important, especiallly after 2004: after almost all formally accepted the Mark of the Beast, late 2004, there are hardly any limits to how fast can the "Rewrite History" agenda be advanced.
Another reason is that now, almost at the end of illuminati overtime, which ends the latest with the "empty shelves" stage, the "Suppress Protest" agenda becomes crucial again. Reminder: there is only one moment when those who accepted the mark will react. When they are confronted with empty shelves.

The Perfect Example
Detailing the three steps used to upscale by one level the "Rewrite the Beast word" process in Wikipedia, while comparing it, for roles, names and actors as well as for each step with how protests in the streets are suppressed: what better way can there be, to illustrate the "Rewrite History" agenda and the difference between how the "Suppress Protest" agenda is implemented in the city main streets compared to those of the "Information Highway"?
Particularly important to document it: Wikipedia's revision history.

Mission: Rewrite Wikipedia page for "Beast"
Start level, the page as of 22 July 2008.
The word "Monster" (one of the meanings of Beast) has already been erased from memory.
Link to the biblical Beast (the antichrist) is already hardly visible, somewhere in the middle of the forest of dozens of other "meanings".
The definition reads: "A beast is an animal, especially a four-legged mammal." (1)
Goal: Explicitly deny link between meaning of word "Beast" and our times (the time of the acceptance of the Beast).
New level will be: "A beast is a somewhat antiquated term for an animal".
Execution will resume to prefix "animal" with "somewhat antiquated term for".
Note that this complies with the illuminati reduction paradigma to pass the perfect message.

Roles required to execute the task: neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels.
Other roles (not mandatory, but usually included, also in this case): vandals.

Names required by those roles, maximally reduced (that is the case here): two. The first is an internet address (for the role of vandals) and the second is a Wikipedia username (for the role of neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels).

Uniforms: the mask of the vandals is an IP address, suggesting to be totally masked; the other roles are associated with a Wikipedia username, suggesting an individual with a particular personality.

Real actors required: all three roles can be played by the same real actor.

Step by step comparison with suppressing protests in the streets
1. "Vandals" destroy property
Streets: Masked demonstrators of the Black Block throw molotov cocktails, break windows, etc. Media "covers" these "protests".
Wikipedia: "Vandal" prefixes the word "Beast" with "or better known as simply, Marques Colston."
Packaging the uniform of the vandal: other than the IP address as perfect package to let people recognize the Black Block vandal in action. The perfect "vandal" is recognizable in the words added to the text. (2)
Avoiding to have to stage the theater of banning the user is just a secondary reason for clothing the "vandal" in the "IP address" uniform.

2. Neo-Gestapo "attacks" the "vandals".
Streets: The terror state police "attacks" the Black Block.
Media "covers" the fake war, to pass the message of terror, while it censors how peaceful protesters are detained and terrorized,
Wikipedia: username Invertzoo deletes "vandalism".
Recognizing the neo-Gestapo uniform: the special police uniform is visible by the justification used: "remove vandalism". (3)

3. Goal achieved
Streets: peaceful demonstrators, terrorized, give up protesting.
Media totally censors the fate of protesters who were detained and terrorized.
Wikipedia: username Invertzoo writes the new "information", which becomes the new source for the "human cattle" using the "information highway". (4)
Recognizing the neo-Nazi uniform: The swastika symbol becomes visible by the fact that nobody will be able to remove the new "information", until the illuminati decide to move to the next level in the rewrite process for that particular "information".
In this case that will happen later by removing the word "somewhat", leading to a definition where any link to today is erased from memory: "A beast is an antiquated term for an animal".

Differences between suppressing protests in the streets and in Wikipedia
- in the street, two names are required, each one represented by diifferent real people, for the neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels roles: "Special Police" and illuminati media. In Wikipedia all this resumes to only one name, the Wikipedia username.
- in the street, the neo-Gestapo and the vandal roles are represented by different real people: "Special Police" as mentioned and the vandals ("Black Block", "autonome", "neo-nazis", etc). In Wikipedia it is the same real person.
- in the street, uniform for all real actors playing neo-Gestapo and "vandals" is of type "completely masked". In Wikipedia this is only the case of the vandal (IP address) but not the censor (username).
- the "vandals" role is only mandatory in the streets.

How does End Times Reductionism apply to all this?
How was it possible to reduce the step by step comparison of two apparently very different processes, the first focused on suppresssion of protest in the city main street and the second focused on rewriting History in the "information highway" main street, to three steps of one process?
Let's answer the same question for six previously identified reductions, which will also help to answer that question.

Reductions in the Wikipedia process:
a) All three roles (vandal, police and rewriting information) in reality played by the same person.
b) Two roles, police and rewriting "information", are officially played by the same Wikipedia username.*
c) Both role, police and rewriting "information", are executed with one and the same edit action, both terminated with one and the same click.
d) The time gap between conclusion of last step (last click by the censor at 23:55) and conclusion of first step (last click by the vandal at 23:51) is reduced to 4 minutes.

Two fundamental End Time Reductions (End Times Computers and Mark of the Beast) make these particular reductions possible:
- End Times Computers allows for reduction a).
- Reduction of required cover-ups reaching the utter limits (one of the reductions caused by the acceptance of the Mark of the Beast ) allows for b), c) and d).

Reductions in both Wikipedia and in the streets:
e)- neo-Gestapo against vandals "war" can be reduced to 0, i.e. "War on vandals to protect citizens from terror" is another fake war, since the "Special Police" and the leaders of the vandals are all part of the same police forces, the backbone of the terror state.
f) - The process of getting the real name for the "War on vandals to protect citizens from terror" can be reduced to INVERTING the label: "War with vandals to terrorize citizens".

Both reductions e) and f) are ruled by another fundamental End Times Reduction, "Inversion of the Words of the Beast", which "coincidentally" became one of the Laws of End Times Reductionism at the same time as the Mark of the Beast was accepted by almost all, once the Beast was able to let the mask totally fall.
That Law states that translating ANY maximally reduced statements coming out from the mouth of the Beast can be reduced to INVERTING the sense.
This means that any illuminati official wars (on Terror, on Drugs, on Child Pornography, on Ilegal Aliens, etc) is not only a fake war, but also, exactly like in the "War on Vandals", to get the real name nothing more is required than to INVERT the label (War of Terror, for Drugs, for Child Pornography, for Open Borders, etc) to get what is really digested by the "human cattle", which is now already inside the slaughterhouse.
The reduction of Hope to 0, the ultimate reduction of Illuminati End Times. Unlike animals imprisoned in a ZOO, the human cattle totally gave up any attempts to escape. Wait a minute: what was again that Wikipedia username?
(1) Start level - 22 July 2008:
"A beast is an animal, especially a four-legged mammal."

(2) After the Black Block protester has thrown the Molotov cockatil ( accessible from start level page by clicking "Newer revision").
as edited by at 23:51, 29 July 2008.
"A beast or better known as simply, Marques Colston. An animal, especially a four-legged mammal."

(3) "Remove vandalism" uniform visible here:

(4) After the actions of the neo-Gestapo and neo-Goebbels role, executed with one and the same click ( accessible from page produced by the "Black Block protester", by clicking "Newer revision").
as edited by Invertzoo at 23:55, 29 July 2008.
"A beast is a somewhat antiquated term for an animal, especially a four-legged mammal."
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