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Jan 27, 2015

How almost all slavs became slaves: 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Mocking the human cattle with the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz 
- having Hiter's younger daughter Angela as master of ceremonies.
- having this time Poland's government in the role of rewriting History: not the russians but the ukrainians liberated Auschwitz.
- replacing the guests of honor in the black is white format: not the liberators, the russians, but the grandson of the camp commandant who was held responsible for 1.1 million deaths there, Rudolf Hoess.
In the words of someone who doesn't know what illuminati jokes are: "It's a shame, like if in D-Day Normandy ceremonies were invited all but American, Canadian or British".

Illuminati religion's commandment of revenge
Poster writes:
"This demonization of Russians and their leadership is very much alike demonization of Serbs.
It is interesting to note that Serbs and Russians now.. biggest victims of Nazism next to Jews have been accused of being Nazi themselves.
In psychology this propaganda phenomenon is called projection.

Last Prophet Matt replies:
Wrong. It's called revenge.
And what better revenge than to have the very same slavs who Hitler classified as untermensch, destined to be either exterminated or to be expelled from the European continent, be the FIRST to proclaim an openly nazi state after the fall of the III Reich?

Almost all slavs accepted the Mark of the Beast, thus becoming slaves
Slavs are financing the terror war waged against civilians in Ukraine, because since they became slaves their national assets are transferred to illuminati safes.
In fact most of these assets are now coming from Russia, starting with oil and gas "sold" by "Putin" below the production costs.
But they are also financing it in plain sight: military equipement for Ukraine nazis transported across slavic eastern Europe, in plain sight.

Poland-Russia row sours Auschwitz commemoration
Polish Foreign minister credited the Ukrainians for liberating Auschwitz, rather than the Soviet Union's Red Army.

Wall Street Journal: When Auschwitz commemorates the 70th anniversary of its liberation on Jan. 27, the ceremonies will include an unlikely attendee ...

Lugansk, just a few miles from the russian border, a half a million city populated almost only with russians,
July 2014: Overview of the city after Shelling - possible because of traitor "Putin".
Half a year later the nazis still didn't manage to take the city, although almost all women, children and elderly were forced to flee.
Because these are among the last people who refused the Mark of the Beast.
A different story across the border, where russians allowed "Putin" to play "innocent bystander" for these crimes against ethnic russians.
They are now paying for having accepted the Mark: "Putin" is transferring russian assets to illiuminati safes at an extreme pace using the "sanctions" as cover-up.
In other words: "Putin" is dragging Russia into a black hole, before the Kiev's Yanukovich script is repeated.
In other words: before actor playing Putin flees to China and is replaced by openly nazi Navalny:

Czech Republic, Ostrava, the T-72 will ship in Ukrainian aircraft to kill civilians in Donbass.

13th Jan—Transporters carrying military equipt. for Ukraine in Bulgaria

The "two Ukraines" for dummies: from Lenin to fake Putin: Agendas
The "real Ukraine" was casted to set several milestones
Hitler proclaimed most slavs as "unfit for Germanization" and thus "to be expelled from the areas marked out for German settlement".
Some of them, in the Ukraine, are now casted multiple times as "first ones after the fall of the III Reich to ..." milestones:
- european government calling subhumans to (millions of) its own citizens, the "moskals"
- military forces wearing nazi symbology
- progroms in Europe, more precisely against other slavs.

Hitler wanted to turn all SLAVS into SLAVES, including the Ukrainians

The Nazis maintained that for example the Northern Russians had Nordic traits such as light hair and light eye color and were racially fit to be a part of the master race.
The Nazis also considered some percentages of young Slavs like Poles, Czechs, Ukrainians, and Belarusians to be the sufficient subjects for Germanisation.
However, it was believed that for instance the Polish people were too patriotic and would ultimately resist Germanisation, what resulted in the Generalplan Ost, according to which all of the Slavs from East-Central Europe were destined to be expelled from the European continent by the Third Reich.
Nevertheless, the Nazi Germans eventually decided to exterminate the Poles, so as the vast majority of the Slavic people who, along with the jewish people and Gypsies, were defined as Untermenschen, dangerous for the Germanic peoples representing the master race.

Under Generalplan Ost, all Slavs unfit for Germanization were to be expelled from the areas marked out for German settlement.
In considering the fate of the individual nations, the architects of the Plan decided that it would be possible to Germanize about 50 per cent of the Czechs, 35 per cent of the Ukrainians and 25 per cent of the Byelorussians.
The remainder would have to be deported to western Siberia.

To get the theater "HOLOCAUST memoir author was a LIAR and is ordered to repay £13.3 million!" or
To get how the illuminati censored the Truth as it took place, start by how they do it NOW.
To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz concentration camps and Holocaust: Guido Knopp milestone series from 2000 NEVER again broadcasted and beyond

Rewriting History by "Putin" and german state TV using Ukraine's prime minister ...
... weeks before the celebration of Auschwitz 70 years later:
All these acts have one and the same script writer: Alexander Adolf Hitler, Hitler's great nephew and Illuminati Grand Master since 1992.
"Putin" and at least 192 of the heads of UN states do nothing but to execute his orders.

Unlike Donbass people, almost everyone else in Europe accepted the Mark of the Beast.
Last Prophet's words: "coincidentally" #1 and #2 of the MOST important google search any person can do:
"Coincidentally" one is not only one of the two most important pages written in the short story of the web but also the most horrible page ever written.