Accepting it means to give up last hope for Salvation

Apr 2, 2009

10 Basic Facts about the Mark of the Beast

Poster replies to Prophet's explanation of difference between slaves in the US now and slaves before Abraham Lincoln: (1)
Why would a beast need to take the mark of the beast? They are already marked.
You propagate the same message as Illuminati's wikipedia, which "informs" the "human cattle" that "A beast is a somewhat antiquated term for an animal, especially a four-legged mammal." (2)

One of the foundations of the "Rewrite History" agenda, mentioned in the article I posted (see page 1), is to rewrite the meaning of words.
One of those words is "Beast".
In German language the word "Beast" it is actually one of the ultimate examples of how far that agenda can be advanced, as most Bibles now translate it as "Identification of the Animal".
So let me remind you of the basics:

10 Basic Facts about the Mark of the Beast

1. Beast as used in the context of "Mark of the Beast" of the Bible does NOT mean animal. It means monster.

2. God did not allow the Beast to reach the point where it is possible to let the mask completely fall until the Tribulation begun, in the last leg of Illuminati End Times.

3. To accept or not to accept the Mark of the Beast is a decision that EVERYBODY who is part of the last generation MUST face, except for innocent children.

4. The last generation is defined by those who were confronted with the decision of accepting the Mark. This means that some of them are already dead.

5. Accepting the Mark of the Beast is most horrible thing that can happen to a human being because it is the ONLY moment in the life of a human being where HOPE to be saved ceases to exist.

6. To accept the Mark of the Beast in your forehead and in your right hand means, by thoughts and deeds, to accept total obedience to total evil.

7. Accepting the mark means that free will ceases to exist, as a consequence of any of the two previous equivalent facts: to accept to give up the very last chance of seeking the Savior or to accept to follow every illuminati edict until the final descent.

8. As a result of one of the basic facts about God, those who accepted the mark are reduced to a subtype of animals, those which can be fattened as cattle.

9. To carry the mark means to be part of the only group of human cattle that has ever existed. There is ONLY ONE MARK because they are all part of the same ranch, so there is no need for any other marks, unlike the case of non-human cattle.

10. The acceptance of the Mark by almost everyone explains the ultimate paradox of End Times: Final Judgment Day for everyone before the last generation; yet hardly for anyone among those living in Illuminatziland, because they were already sentenced the day they accepted to carry the Mark of the Beast.

(2) Rewriting the Beast word in Wikipedia - ultimate example of rewriting History in the "Information Highway", totally exposed step by step

See basic fact #7: God created only one of those forms with Free Will. - The other 9 basic facts about God:

Humans reduced to Beasts - nothing escapes the Laws of End Times