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Jun 27, 2016

Syria: reality denial: limits to deny genocide psy-ops: White Helmets and Aleppo street view

Syria: reality denial: limits to deny genocide psy-ops: White Helmets and Aleppo street view
Introduction - added Dec 13, 2016
Aleppo 2012 -Dec 2016 -  Aleppo streets increasingly fading under the rubble while the genocide was carried out primarly with air bombings, all documented by the victims with videos posted to youtube.
Dec 5, 2016  - Aleppo holocaust enters the final stage: no more real time street view updates by the victims as mass executions on the spot become the #1 method to carry out the genocide.
Dec 13 - "Liberated" East Aleppo, the 7th consecutive day for a new record of mass executions in broad daylight.
Illuminati use the Russian ambassador to UN to prove once again that there are nearly no limits to the denial of the previous #1 method: Churkin on Aleppo: 
"Young kids are being covered in dust in order to be presented as victims of bombings."
### Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Jun 2016, extended in Oct.
Syria: reality denial: limits to deny genocide psy-ops: White Helmets and Aleppo street view
In a world populated by beasts, are there any limits to how far can the Beast go?
One of those limits has "coincidentally" the same name as one of the milestones offered by Google for end times computers: street view.
Syria: Graphic reality of genocide by air bombings reduced to two words: street view.
In other words: the totally destroyed environment where the White Helmets work.
Video "Syria : White Helmets ... EXPOSED!" is 1 hour and 12 minutes long.
After reading the text below you'll know why it has no views whatsoever of said syrian streets.
Note: thanks to Youtube's preview bar you'll only need to move the cursor along the preview bar for about 20 seconds to confirm it.
Rewriting the work of the White Helmets
One of the chapters advancing the denial of the ongoing genocide in Syria: applying "black is white" to the first responders to victims of war crimes.
Several types of psy-ops advance this agenda, using actors dressed as White Helmets.
The cast also includes fake rebels, from "journalists" to "rebel leaders".
Side note: the mission of these agents, other than to appear in psy-ops to discredit the real rebels: also to ambush and murder rebel commanders.
Oct 7, 2015
End Times: Repainting Syria's White Helmets or again the limit to what lengths denial of reality can be pushed
The two basic categories, "coincidentally" illustrated by "journalist Vanessa Beeley" and in the same day.
The two basic categories 
1. White Helmets served as terrorists
- include censoring images of airplanes and helicopters dropping bombs 
- do not include censoring the street view.
2. White Helmets served as faking rescues 
Requirements also include censoring the street view.
White Helmets served as executioners: what "journalist Vanessa Beeley" "coincidentally" also illustrates
'Syria White Helmets: Humanitarians or "Executioners"?' pushes the first presentation ("White Helmets as terrorists") to the utter limits, the perfect "black is white".
Theoretically this category doesn't imply that environment images must be totally censored, yet the praxis reveals a B-type ("rescues are faked"): no street view.
video is 1 hour 12 minutes.
Jun 24, 2016 - Syria : White Helmets ... EXPOSED!
"Journalist Vanessa Beeley" at work:
Oct 7, 2016 - White Helmets, served as terrorists, photo shows bombed environment:
'Massive evidence foreign-funded White Helmets support terrorist entities in Syria'
With Syria’s White Helmets having been in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2016, grabbing headlines as ‘Heroes of Peace’, with the media and politicians  endorsing them, RT spoke with Vanessa Beeley, independent researcher and journalist.
Beeley discussed whether The White Helmets are indeed "independent, impartial and unsullied by Western cash".
Oct 7, 2016 - 7 Oct, 2016 - White Helmets, served also as faking rescues - No image whatsoever of bombed environment.
The White Helmets: a heartfelt humanitarian NGO or an elaborate and cynical western PR stunt promoting illegal regime change in Syria? 
Does the wearing of white helmets mean they are the good guys supporting a just cause? 
CrossTalking with Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, and Patrick Henningsen.
May 20, 2016
Actors dressed as White Helmets playing executioners.
Examples of fake rebels in the cast: "journalist Abu Omar Al-Souri" (17:00), "saudi backed cleric, spiritual leader Dr Abdullah al-Muhaysini" (19:00).
Syria White Helmets: Humanitarians or "Executioners"?
In this UK Column News special, Mike Robinson speaks to Vanessa Beeley about Syria's "first responder" group, the White Helmets who are being pushed forward for nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. Do they deserve it?
Dec 13, 2016 -  Russian ambassador to UN: Young kids are being covered in dust in order to be presented as victims of bombings:
Events served by illuminati media:
Gaza: from the only destroyed blocks, an area where 1% of the 2 million used to live
Aleppo: never from destroyed blocks, an area where in 2011 80% lived.
Sep 30, 2016 - Gaza Aleppo: perfect link: lady served by Alexander Adolf Hitler's own YT channel

Aleppo: Armageddon's battle of Stalingrad: why Obama's staged arrest postponed [and fake coup in Turkey preponed]: VIDEOS
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